Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Wo-Built Inc, a construction company (www.wobuilt.com ) whose mission is to help women enter and succeed in the building trades is looking for the following help:

1) Contact information for women who are already working the building trades and who would want to talk to us about working on our projects and be mentors for any students or apprentices.

2) Contact information for persons who might know about federal or provincial funding for for-profit companies to establish training programs that would help women.

3) Contribution to our Information Forum, a vehicle that provides women (and men) with a voice in the construction industry. We welcome comments and building industry related educational and informational articles. The topics may include design, construction and management related issues or a person's experience. http://wobuilt.blogspot.com

Please contact us on info@wobuilt.com or on (416) 402-2679. Thank you"

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wobuilt said...

Just a short note to update you on how our mission is progresing. We at Wo-Built Inc. are in the process of putting together a Pre-Apprenticeship Course for Women in the Finishing Trades. Start date is yet to be determined. We have also had some exposure via the Toronto Star (Saturday, April 19th, 2008) with regards to women in the trades. As a result it has generated a lot more interest from women who have applied for this course so if anyone out there has 1. contact information for possible mentorship and/or provincial/federal funding for these women it would be much appreciated. If you want more information on our progress, please go to our website (www.wobuilt.com). Wobuilt,Inc.