Sunday, May 13, 2007

How to publish an e-Mail Campaign

How do you publish an e-mail campaign that engages your prospects and pulls in sales?
You need two things: content and design.

Many business people don’t believe they are good writers or have anything important to say. For the first concern, you can hire a writer. For the second concern, you can do simple research and come up with great new ideas and produce a compelling e-newsletter.

1) Scour the Internet for ideas.
2) Ask your clients what matters most to them, what they read, and what topics they want to know more about.
3) Read relevant magazines to see what they are writing about.

Many believe educating their prospects will turn them into clients. Not so. In your e-newsletter you don’t have to do unpaid consulting. You must provide some good advice but just enough to tease them into wanting to know more. Teach them something new but don’t try and teach them everything. Be brief.

Here are some ideas to get you started on content:
· Articles on a topical item
· News
· Tips
· Best practices
· Regulations
· Links to articles
· Links to resources

You’ve got great content, now you need to package it with a great look. Should you, your web designer or an outside professional be creating your e-mails? Should you use e-mail templates? The answer depends on your budget. is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself e-marketing solution. In addition to powerful e-mail sending capabilities and incredible ease of use, you get flexible site integration tools to make complex forms and surveys on your web site and in e-mails easily. Real time reporting, full customization and assurance that your e-mails are actually delivered through our relationships with major e-mail providers (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) complete the solution to deliver e-mail marketing confidence and power.

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