Monday, May 21, 2007

How to e-Mail Market

The e-Mail Marketing Campaign

You’ve got a list. You’ve written some great content. It’s designed and published. Before you click the send button, use this checklist to ensure you’re on target.

Are the sources of all e-mail addresses in your contact list apparent?
If you don't know where the contact information came from, how can you be sure that you have permission to market to the e-mail address? If your e-mail is reported as spam, you need to be able to defend yourself against accusations from federal and provincial privacy commissioners.

Does your list contain many duplicated e-mail addresses?

If so, you may be sending multiple messages to the same people, and destroying the trust and good will that e-mail marketing works so hard to build.

Are your messages CAN-SPAM and PIPEDA compliant?
If you are sending messages to US contacts, those messages must comply with the governing US legislation (CAN-SPAM). In Canada, your messages must comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). If you fail to do so, you risk the wrath of both federal and provincial privacy commissioners.

Do your messages look like advertising?
Traditional, one-to-may advertising is inappropriate in the one-to-one medium of e-Mail Marketing. e-Mail Marketing's purpose is to build on the initial relationship created when your prospects give you permission to market to them. Your e-mail messages should acknowledge this relationship and seek to build on it with each new communication.
Because people use the Internet to search out information actively, they tend to ignore what they perceive to be Marketing hype. Your e-mail messages should provide the information and references they are looking for, rather than pure advertising pitch.

Are your messages heavily laden with graphics?
If so, they might be causing your readers some frustration, or they might not even be getting through their spam filters. e-Mails that are constructed as one large image take more time to load than predominantly textual ones, which can be frustrating for the recipient. Since no text appears while the image is loading, your message may be reported as spam before the contact even sees it. Many spam filters, such as SpamAssassin, place a high spam score on e-mails that have a large image to text ratio. Therefore, the chance that the message will be trapped by a spam filter is increased.

In addition, text rendered in an image does not print as clearly as real text, and requires more memory.

Are your messages personally addressed?
Unlike traditional advertising, e-Mail Marketing is a one-to-one medium. The contact's Inbox is his or her private domain. Addressing contacts by name makes a message appear more personal, and contacts are less likely to report a message as spam if they believe there is a reason for them being on the list (i.e., if they are addressed personally, they will believe they must have subscribed at some point).

Take a free test drive of, a comprehensive, do-it-yourself e-marketing system. In addition to powerful e-mail sending capabilities and incredible ease of use, you get flexible site integration tools to make complex forms and surveys on your web site and in e-mails easily. Real time reporting, full customization and assurance that your e-mails are actually delivered through our relationships with major e-mail providers (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) complete the solution to deliver e-mail marketing confidence and power.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

How to publish an e-Mail Campaign

How do you publish an e-mail campaign that engages your prospects and pulls in sales?
You need two things: content and design.

Many business people don’t believe they are good writers or have anything important to say. For the first concern, you can hire a writer. For the second concern, you can do simple research and come up with great new ideas and produce a compelling e-newsletter.

1) Scour the Internet for ideas.
2) Ask your clients what matters most to them, what they read, and what topics they want to know more about.
3) Read relevant magazines to see what they are writing about.

Many believe educating their prospects will turn them into clients. Not so. In your e-newsletter you don’t have to do unpaid consulting. You must provide some good advice but just enough to tease them into wanting to know more. Teach them something new but don’t try and teach them everything. Be brief.

Here are some ideas to get you started on content:
· Articles on a topical item
· News
· Tips
· Best practices
· Regulations
· Links to articles
· Links to resources

You’ve got great content, now you need to package it with a great look. Should you, your web designer or an outside professional be creating your e-mails? Should you use e-mail templates? The answer depends on your budget. is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself e-marketing solution. In addition to powerful e-mail sending capabilities and incredible ease of use, you get flexible site integration tools to make complex forms and surveys on your web site and in e-mails easily. Real time reporting, full customization and assurance that your e-mails are actually delivered through our relationships with major e-mail providers (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) complete the solution to deliver e-mail marketing confidence and power.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Speaker's Gold is looking for 3 of the most talented speakers to speak at its client appreciation event in October IN FRONT OF MEETING PLANNERS AND CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS.

DATE: June 21
TIME: 7 - 9 pm
LOCATION: Trinity St Paul's Centre, 427 Bloor St W
1) No more than 10 paid speaking engagements (+$1,000) in past 12 months
2) Deliver a 3-minute motivational speech
3) 2 referrences/ testimonials
4) DVD or video is optional

Register at Speaker's Gold or call 416-532-9886

Monday, May 7, 2007

Developing Your e-Mail Marketing Contact List

Developing Your e-Mail Marketing Contact List

What’s the best way to grow your e-mail contact list? If you attend business networking events, with all those business cards being handed out that’s probably the perfect place to get e-mail addresses, right?

Maybe. For your e-mail marketing message to work, it must be wanted. So “yes” you may add new contacts to your list but ONLY IF THEY FIRST GIVE YOU PERMISSION.

For e-mail marketing to work, it must be permission based.

How do you get permission?

The key to successful networking is to have a meaningful discussion about how each of you can help one another. Keep in mind, your e-mails may be a way you can help someone so ask if they would like to subscribe.

Whenever you receive a business card, ask permission to jot down some quick notes so when you get back to your office you remember what to do.

Back at the office, go through the cards and add new subscribers manually.
Here are some other great ways to add people to your lists:
1) For your first email, it’s acceptable to send out your e-mail to your existing contacts with a permission notice on top: "You received this e-mail because you're an associate of ABC Business. To unsubscribe, click here."
2) Call prospects lists and ask permission to add them to your list.
3) Automate the sign up process through your web site. e-Mail services make it easy to set this up on your web site.

Your e-mail list is gold.

To reach the full potential of e-mail marketing, you need to take good care of your list:
· Keep it up to date
· Ensure you have permission to send emails
· Grow your list
· Comply with Internet Marketing best practices is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself e-marketing solution. In addition to powerful e-mail sending capabilities and incredible ease of use, you get flexible site integration tools to make complex forms and surveys on your web site and in e-mails easily. Real time reporting, full customization and assurance that your e-mails are actually delivered through our relationships with major e-mail providers (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) complete the solution to deliver e-mail marketing confidence and power.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Our 20th annual Young Entrepreneur Awards are coming up again, so if you know a YEA -- (Defination: between 19 - 35 years, must have 2 yrs of active business experience and must own at least 20% of the business) let me know. They don't need to be a BDC client to submit an application.

They can win an all expense paid trip to Winnipeg to receive awards during National Small Business Week, as well as gaining national exposure for their business.

If you know of anyone let me know and I will forward their information in!

Shelley Baker
Business Development Bank of Canada
Account Manager, Mississauga North
Tel: (905) 803-5582

LEAD TORONTO: 8100N printers awesome price

A number of 8100N printers have just been removed from the office network of a large company, the machines are in working condition (network system pulls). Remaining toner quantity is not guaranteed but has a 20000 page capacity at 5% coverage. All parts are available for purchase through HP, although I might able to get extra cartridges for a discounted price. This machine is completely Microsoft XP compatible as well as 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0, , MacOS (8.6 to 9.X). At this time 26 are available and the Deadline for orders is midnight Tuesday May 8th,2007.

The HP LaserJet 8100N is the high-volume, versatile printer with unsurpassed performance, reliability, and value. With a low cost of ownership for medium to large printing environments this printer would be an excellent investment for your busy workgroup or office. Reaching print speeds of up to 32ppm with 1200 dpi resolution, the 8100N delivers quality and dependability. As a standard feature, this model comes network ready. Features·
1200 x 1200 DPI Image Quality (FastRes 1200) · 32 PPM (17 seconds first page out) · Wide Format (11.7" x 17.7") · Network Ready (10/100 BaseTX) · 16 MB Memory (expandable to 208 MB) · Connects Via Parallel and Fast Ethernet · PostScript Level 2 Emulation · Environments: Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0, XP, MacOS (8.6 to 9.X)

CONTACT: Gary Cox, Upgrade IT Computer Solutions,

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Wo-Built Inc, a construction company ( ) whose mission is to help women enter and succeed in the building trades is looking for the following help:

1) Contact information for women who are already working the building trades and who would want to talk to us about working on our projects and be mentors for any students or apprentices.

2) Contact information for persons who might know about federal or provincial funding for for-profit companies to establish training programs that would help women.

3) Contribution to our Information Forum, a vehicle that provides women (and men) with a voice in the construction industry. We welcome comments and building industry related educational and informational articles. The topics may include design, construction and management related issues or a person's experience.

Please contact us on or on (416) 402-2679. Thank you"

Nominate women entrepreneurs today!


July 20, 2007 is the deadline to nominate women entrepreneurs for The RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards.

Awards are presented in five categories: The Deloitte Start-up Award, The Intel Innovation Award, The RBC Momentum Award, The Bell Trailblazer Award and The Energy Savings Group Lifetime Achievement Award.

Minimum Requirements: Candidate has owned and operated a profitable business in Canada for three full years as of May 31, 2007 (not a franchise), earns her primary income from it, and is responsible for its day-to-day operations. For more details on the Awards eligibility criteria visit

Nominate an outstanding Woman Entrepreneur you know, or nominate yourself!

Nomination forms can be found online at

For information - visit or call 416-923-1688 / 1-800-354-3303

e-Mail -- a More Powerful Marketing Tool Than Your Web Site

The Internet is changing our economic order. Those who embrace it will prosper, and those who don’t are missing out on one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools available.

e-Mail marketing is more powerful than your website. Aside from spammers, who abuse the medium, email is well received.

If you’re not e-mail marketing, usually it’s because you are unsure about how to do it or whether to do it.

If you are uncertain about whether to email market, perhaps you believe it’s too complicated or too time consuming. Many mistakenly believe their customers don’t use e-mail or wouldn’t want to receive e-mail from them.

If you are uncertain about how to go about it, it’s really quite simple – only three steps to follow.

1) Build an e-mail list. If you already have a list but are worried it’s too small, you need to learn how to build a much larger and responsive e-mail list. It’s best to ensure it’s a permission-based e-mail list, as well.
If your list is under 100 contacts, you can probably manage it on your own. When it tops 100, get an e-mail marketing service that with tools to ensure your e-mail gets past spam filters.

2) Manage your e-mail database. Set up properly, an opt-in e-mail program allows people to sign up automatically and makes it easy to keep contacts current and send out hundreds, thousands, and more with the click of your mouse.

3) Design and publish your e-mail campaign. If you have difficultly designing and publishing your e-mail campaigns, consider having your web designer or other professional create your e-mails. Another route is to use e-mail templates.
Once you get these issues addressed, you will find e-mail is an essential part of your marketing mix. e-Mail becomes the energizing force that attracts the correct audience to your website. E-Mail pushes out to your prospects and customers taking your message to your audience.

Inexpensive, e-Mail allows you to conduct marketing, branding, research, education and sales follow-up. Your message gets widely read and more frequently encountered, and supports people in taking action, driving traffic back to your website and making your phones ring. is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself e-marketing solution. In addition to powerful e-mail sending capabilities and incredible ease of use, you get flexible site integration tools to make complex forms and surveys on your web site and in e-mails easily. Real time reporting, full customization and assurance that your e-mails are actually delivered through our relationships with major e-mail providers (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) complete the solution to deliver e-mail marketing confidence and power.

MAY SPONSOR, a do-it-yourself e-marketing program, is the Exclusive Sponsor of for the month of May. allows you to build a database and publish html emails with ease. Because of its simplicity, affordability, and reliability, has published and delivered since its inception almost 5 years ago.

Unsure whether e-mail marketing is right for you? Or want to tap into your database but are uncertain about how to begin a campaign? Test yourself for free and see what it can do for you.

Monday, April 2, 2007


Welcome our Exclusive Sponsor for the month of April – Setaia telecommunications.

Setaia’s Cellular Service is easy and affordable without gimmicks, bundles, surprises or the hassle of a long-term commitment!

Setaia’s Long Distance for North America is only 4 cents per minute with no monthly fee.

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Setaia’s Voice Over IP allows you to use the internet for phone service and long distance for one low monthly fee.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


MEETUP! is looking for an Organizer to take over The Greater Toronto Entrepreneur Group. It's a 110 member group and you would keep the group going by taking over as Organizer.

It's a real & rewarding responsibility, and will help you each step of the way.

As Organizer, you'll get special access to tools specifically designed for managing and growing a local OFFLINE community group. Thousands of people take great pride in being a Meetup Organizer because they're helping others connect and create community.

See what they're saying here:

To step up go to:

Monday, March 12, 2007


The U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, passed by the United States (U.S.) Congress in July 2005, extended daylight saving time (DST) in the U.S. by approximately four weeks. Therefore, beginning in 2007, DST dates in the United States will start three weeks earlier (2:00 A.M. on the second Sunday in March) and will end one week later (2:00 A.M. on the first Sunday in November).

The change in DST will affect many technology products that small to midsize businesses are currently using for scheduling, time calculating, transaction logging, and billing such as:

  • Calendar and scheduling applications
  • Date and time calculations (current and historical)
  • Transaction logging (UTC versus local time)
  • Tariff billing applications
Several Microsoft products are affected by the 2007 daylight saving time change:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services
  • Microsoft Entourage
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
If you are running any of the products in the following list, you should review the guidance published on the Microsoft DST site to determine what steps you must take.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


“Can I Really Know if Someone I Met Through Networking
Is Perfect for a Partnership?”

Written by Wanda Reinholdt

Recently, some of the conversations I have been having around this question have confirmed that partnerships are indeed what YOU make them. In particular, I have come across an approach to creating partnerships that I believe holds the key to success in business or personal relationships.

The basic premise of this view is that partnerships will most likely fail unless a thorough and legal written agreement is created by the partners and a lawyer. The document must contain specifics and tangibles such as the responsibilities of each partner, business breakdown and exit strategy – all the terms agreed upon by the partners. In addition, it is essential to have partnership insurance so that if a partner dies, it is clear how their shares will be handled as well as what the involvement of their estate or heirs will be.

While I agree that it is essential that partners are both satisfied and secure, I also know that like attracts like.

The partnering experience of someone who holds this view is rarely positive. Unfortunately, the usual story of broken partnerships is that the relationship ended because of a disagreement or misunderstanding. In addition to this disappointment and frustration, many hours are spent in court rooms battling for a resolution. And unexpected legal fees have usually been incurred. These fees can, in some situations, change the course of a person’s career or financial future.

So it is easy to see how failed relationships can seed fear in hearts. This fear usually leads to an overwhelming emphasis on security concerns. And before long, all partnerships are assumed to be something to be protected from rather than embraced and celebrated. In other words, safety becomes the priority rather than relationship.

Most of us would rather live lives that are free of fear and this kind of strife. So how can we avoid creating fear-dominated partnerships? Is it even possible?

I believe it is. And the reason is that I believe we have a CHOICE as to how we respond to the things that happen in our lives. Although often very difficult, it is possible to choose to act out of love, rather than out of fear.

Knowing that this is possible, here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Focus on what you want rather than on what can go wrong. If you do this, you are more likely reach what you desire because you will be clearly aware of your goals. (It is not wise to enter into any partnership until you are personally clear on what kinds of people characteristics, skill level, and attitude you are looking for. This is the best way to ensure that you keep your integrity and character, and that you do not compromise your values.) To do this, write it out your plan of action.
  • BE the partner you want to have. Make a decision to grow into the person that you want to attract as a partner. If you have the integrity and character you are looking for in others, you will attract them much more readily. What a great way to honor your partnerships!
  • View the partnerships rules, agreements and strategies as tools; and not substitutes for relationship. If you approach them as tools, they will not become more important than the people that you are working with. Your ability to relate to others is the most important skill in successful partnerships.
  • Accept the responsibility of creating and nurturing a successful partnership rather than placing it on the written agreement. It is YOUR responsibility. The agreement is only as empowered, mature and strong as the people who put it together.

Once you are clear about what you want, and are living it in your own life, then begin to look for your partner. If you think you have found someone who might be a fit, sit down with them over coffee and talk over your wants and desires. If the person seems to be a suitable candidate, confirm it by requesting that they write out their own desires/goals. Once you have confirmed that someone is a partnership fit, determine if a lawyer is necessary to firm the agreement, (this step usually depends on the characteristics in a partner you are looking for. If you want someone who believes that a signed contract is they’re word of honor, a lawyer may not necessary. Use your discretion here.)

The keys to the long lasting and successful partnerships have been:

  • Partners who are each personally clear about what they want, and who is to take responsibility for attaining it.
  • Partners who practice what they value.
  • Partners who remember that relationships are dynamic, that they change over time and are willing to renegotiate if there are changes.
  • Partners who communicate with honesty and clarity.
  • Partners who, in the event of a dispute, will refer to their partnership agreement and not go from memory. (BEING the partner you want BEFORE entering the partnerships does NOT guarantee that there will not be any disagreements. However, if the relationship is based on trust and authenticity, there is a much greater probability that the partners will be able to work things through quickly and effectively).

So yes, I believe that you can recognize a suitable partner just by becoming aware of what you are looking for. By BEING a person of character and integrity, I believe the community you help to create will be undeniably profound and positively impacting.

As a friend of mine recently reminded me, Zig Ziglar said, “You will get everything you want when you help enough other people get what they want.”

What a world we would have if we all followed that advice!

Are you clear on what you want?

Wanda is a forward-thinking pioneer in the Arts and in Business who has a heart for community and for growing effective self-sustaining partnerships in life, business and the arts. Her company Kaizen Works nurtures legacy in both business persons who works in the arts and/or have an interest in the arts through sponsoring, supplying and/or encouraging artistry and in artists of all disciplines (visual, theatre, film, music, dance). If this describes you AND you want to grow & leave a powerful legacy, then Kaizen is for you!


SIP Internet Job Board

Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) has launched the SIP Internet Job Board!
At you can search and apply for hundreds of targeted jobs with employers from around the world, as well as manage your resume and job applications online.

Until May 1st, 2007 post your jobs for Free!


NEED, TORONTO: Barry Shainbaum is looking for someone bright & capable for part-time admin support for organizing and filing.

Barry Shainbaum
Toronto, Canada
(416) 362-8028

Professional photographer, speaker, and author of "Hope & Heroes".
Radio host of "Perspectives with Barry Shainbaum" on Faith FM, 94.3 FM, Kitchener, Ont.
Listen live on the net:, Sunday, 12:00 Noon. - 1:00 pm. EST, GMT - 5.
Also on: Hope FM 94.3, Woodstock, Ont. Sunday 11:00 am.,
Each program on Hope FM broadcasts two weeks later.

BUSINESS EVENT ONLINE: 2nd Annual Microsoft® Small Business Summit

2nd Annual Microsoft® Small Business Summit
FREE online & in-person event March 19-23
You're invited to unlock your super strengths at the largest small business event in the U.S. You'll find the latest tools and information for managing your finances, reaching your customers, increasing productivity and improving security.

Security & Support
Your business data is priceless. Learn how to safeguard your information and keep your computers humming.
Productivity & Mobility
See how technology can make you more organized, more efficient, and less tied to the office—and save you money, too.
Financial Management
Get advice from experts on how to handle the books—from managing cash flow to creating an estate plan—and see accounting solutions that can make a big difference.
Sales & Marketing
Learn to spot sales opportunities, win customers and earn their loyalty—and see how you can create your own marketing in-house.
Start-Up Day
Got the entrepreneurial itch? We have a day just for you. Come hear the basics of starting your own business.

Learn more and register for this FREE event at:
  • Get inspired by some of today's small business successes, such as Baby Einstein founder Julie Clark, venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki and more.
  • Watch demos of the latest releases of Windows Vista, Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 and more.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of attending online from your desk or in person at a location near you.
  • Choose from over 50 live sessions presented by small business experts in business and technology.
  • Power your entrepreneurism with a special day devoted exclusively to start-ups.


Centennial College offers co-op placements in the following programs:

School of Engineering and Applied Science
Architectural Technology
Automation & Robotics Technology
Biological Technology (Industrial Microbiology)
Computer and Communication Networking (BAIS)
Computer Programmer/Analyst
Computer Systems & Networks Technology
Electronics Engineering Technology
Environmental Protection Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Design)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Industrial)
Network Professional

School of Business
Accountant/Programmer Analyst
Business Administration
Business Operations Management
Financial Services
Human Resources Management
International Business

School of Transportation
Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
Automotive Service Technician
Truck and Coach Technician

For information, contact Linda Lugli or Gina Marshall at 416-289-5233 or email


Discounted membership to Toronto Board of Trade

If you are a Centennia College grad, you are eligible for discounted individual memberships to the Toronto Board of Trade (TBoT). All Centennial alumni receive $100 off the individual membership rate of $395 per year. Set-up fee $35.00 (one-time) plus GST applies.

The TBoT membership gives you a chance to expand your network of potential clients, vendors, employees or employers. More than 120 events are held annually, including monthly networking events, career and personal development seminars, and leadership speakers’ series. Scarborough, Etobicoke and North York Chambers of Commerce are now divisions of the TBoT.

For more information or a tour of the downtown centre, contact Gifford Rabess at 416-862-4521 or

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Here's a great business networking idea from a business networking group in League City, Texas. Watch the video at this link to learn how to create a Business Book Networking Group. Great business networking idea to get lots of word-of-mouth referrals . . .


Networking guru Donna Messer is connecting women around the world on her new web site, NETWORKING CONNECTIONS, to celebrate women on International Women’s Day, Thurs, Mar 8.

FLASH OF FAME will feature women from around the world. All you need to do is send an electronic photo and 5 words your friends would use to describe you, along with the country where you reside.

Donna will post your picture and the words in flash all day long on Mar 8 along with a static photo and your email.

It's a great way to business network with women around the world in Donna's network!

Monday, February 26, 2007


WOMEN CAN DO ANYTHING relaunches March 6, 2007 with a new look along with new publisher, editor, and team of talented writers. Sign up for the enewsletter for women business at

ONTARIO, OAKVILLE Company of Women Conference

Company of Women founder Anne Day has released details of Journey to Success, an all-day conference for women in business.

May 17, 2006
Oakville Conference and Banquet Centre
2515 Wyecroft Road, Oakville

"In business, there’s no real road map to success and we all take different routes to get there. If you own a business or are thinking about it, take this day for yourself. It will energize and fuel you for the bumps in the road ahead." You'll meet 3 Award-Winning Women who have paved the way, learned their lessons and soared to the top. You'll learn skills and ideas from experts. The day is filled with business networking.

All the details can be found at Company of Women

Sunday, February 25, 2007


CANADA, MARITIMES: business event

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND BUSINESS WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION is holding an information meeting this week for all island craftspeople, artists, growers and food producers who want to participate in an outdoor market in Charlottetown.

Monday, March 5, 2007 - 7:15 p.m.
Tuesday, March 6, 2007 - 7:15 p.m.

Community Room, Sobey's West Royalty,Charlottetown, PE

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

brilliant! Wenda Abel is back

Wenda Abel, publisher of brilliant! Canada's online magazine for women entrepreneurs has just released the second issue . . . and a quick heads up that official launch will be in April. Subscribe today at


Anne Stone at Women in a Home Office is hosting a teleseminar on February 23, 9 am MT-- The Overwhelmed Woman with Jill Crossland. It's $10 for WHO members and $25 for non-members. Register at


Mandie Crawford of Roaring Women is offering a terrific special this month:

Sign up by the end of February as an Associate Member and she'll waive the $99 sign up fee. As an associate member you receive all the benefits of regular membership for ONLY $9.95 per month PLUS you pay the low member rate to attend Roaring Women meetings in Mississauga, Hamilton, Brampton, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Vancouver, Ottawa, Sudbury, Waterloo, and Seattle, WA.

Sign up for the special at


Nadia Baboo is looking for a hairstylist to do basic styling at fashion show for the Focus Career Program on March 8th in Toronto area. The Focus Career Program is a non-profit employment workshop directed at women who are currently out of work & preparing to re-enter the work force. She's expecting +150 women between the ages of 25 to 55 for the Focus on Fashion event.This is a volunteer position which provides great profile at the show

Nadia Baboo
The Image Factor
Phone: 905-264-2922
An outstanding image is a key factor to your success!

Monday, February 19, 2007

500 complimentary copies of business networking directory

Hi Business Networkers,

Can you believe that WOMEN WHO EXCEL is publishing its 18th Edition Directory of Members? 18th edition! Way to go Christine Whitlock . . . Christine is giving away 500 complimentary copies of the directory and you can get yours at her next meeting in Burlington, Ontario, Tues, Feb 27 @ 5 pm. Register on-line at

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Networking Mindset -- What's Going On In Here Anyway?

Hi fellow networkers!

While I'm out networking, I sometimes run into people who are dissatisfied with the people in the room so I thought I'd share some thoughts about what to do about this annoying problem. This is from my e-Book on Networking:

"You didn’t pay $25 to have a nice meal. You didn’t get up before the sun to socialize and small talk with business people. Like most, you gave up your lunch hour to meet other professionals and exchange qualified leads. Right? And as you drove to the meeting, you imagined a couple of good referrals coming your way and maybe a few for others.

Yet you just left with no leads. You didn’t connect well with anyone. And you’re a bit frustrated. It seems you just wasted a couple of hours that could have been better spent stuffing envelopes for your direct mail campaign or on the phone cold calling perfect strangers who are not expecting your call and don’t want what you’re selling.

What’s gone wrong? And what, if anything, can you do in the future to get the results you desire?

The key to your success as a business networker requires a mental shift. The good news is anyone can learn this mindset and put it into play. Your results will change dramatically and permanently. But first you need to understand where you are and what needs to shift.

If there is nothing else you get from this book, let it be this: You, and you alone, are responsible for the business results you receive at any networking meeting. Not the organizer. Not the people who attend. Not the owner of the meeting establishment. Not the president of the group. You are responsible, period.

Great news! The moment you take responsibility for your part in the meeting is the moment you will start getting the results you desire. This is true in any area of your life, by the way.

The bulk of success in business networking rests with you – not others. So here is the mindset crux for business networking success.

Givers get. Givers gain. You must give to get.

There are as many sayings as there are groups.

Zig Ziglar said it best – you will get everything you want when you help enough other people get what they want. The top networkers know that giving is the way to success. Do what they do and you too will be on the road to success!"

Next time I'll discuss what giving is and what it isn't!