Monday, May 7, 2007

Developing Your e-Mail Marketing Contact List

Developing Your e-Mail Marketing Contact List

What’s the best way to grow your e-mail contact list? If you attend business networking events, with all those business cards being handed out that’s probably the perfect place to get e-mail addresses, right?

Maybe. For your e-mail marketing message to work, it must be wanted. So “yes” you may add new contacts to your list but ONLY IF THEY FIRST GIVE YOU PERMISSION.

For e-mail marketing to work, it must be permission based.

How do you get permission?

The key to successful networking is to have a meaningful discussion about how each of you can help one another. Keep in mind, your e-mails may be a way you can help someone so ask if they would like to subscribe.

Whenever you receive a business card, ask permission to jot down some quick notes so when you get back to your office you remember what to do.

Back at the office, go through the cards and add new subscribers manually.
Here are some other great ways to add people to your lists:
1) For your first email, it’s acceptable to send out your e-mail to your existing contacts with a permission notice on top: "You received this e-mail because you're an associate of ABC Business. To unsubscribe, click here."
2) Call prospects lists and ask permission to add them to your list.
3) Automate the sign up process through your web site. e-Mail services make it easy to set this up on your web site.

Your e-mail list is gold.

To reach the full potential of e-mail marketing, you need to take good care of your list:
· Keep it up to date
· Ensure you have permission to send emails
· Grow your list
· Comply with Internet Marketing best practices is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself e-marketing solution. In addition to powerful e-mail sending capabilities and incredible ease of use, you get flexible site integration tools to make complex forms and surveys on your web site and in e-mails easily. Real time reporting, full customization and assurance that your e-mails are actually delivered through our relationships with major e-mail providers (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) complete the solution to deliver e-mail marketing confidence and power.

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