Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The #1 way to grow your business in this economy

Just got off a conference call with Eric Lofholm and was impressed by his ideas about how to grow your business in this economy.

He said Collaboration is the #1 way and I totally agree.

The key is to look for strategic alliance partners - people who you can promote to your database, and who can promote you to their database. Then you create a win-win for each of you - and a win for the people on your list.

The cost? Zero.

The key to developing these relationships is to think like your prospective strategic alliances. What value can you bring tot hem to get access to their network?

Eric Lofholm calls collaboration his $250,000 Idea, and here's how he does it:
1) Make a list of all the people you would like to form strategic alliances with - his list was more than 120;
2)Decide how many relationships you can realistically keep going. For him it was 4 strategic alliances. I have heard 6-8 is the maximum;
3) From your list pick your top 4-8 potential strategic alliances; and
6) Take action to connect with them and create winning strategic alliances.

If you missed the call, there was lots of other great ideas about mindset, techniques and the importance of taking actions . . . on his website you can download 21 free sales training videos - just go to ERIC LOFHOLM FREE SALES TRAINING VIDEOS - it's on the right hand side.